The Bowl of Well Being

All classes are held at Dragonfly Yoga Dublin, 6535 Sierra Lane, Dublin 94568

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photo by: Elahe Motamedi,

photo by: Elahe Motamedi,

Bowl of Well Being

Meeting every third Sunday of the month January 2020 - December 2020 from 11:30-2 pm

Investment:  $900 /$1000 after December 20th. Payment plans available.

Includes a beautiful 200 page printed manual.


“If there’s one thing you can do for yourself, this is it! It’s a complete game changer in every way. When deciding if I could sign up, I wondered if I had enough time to commit; now I laugh because my mindset has completely changed. I block this out, and everything else has to work around it. I went in tired and worn out, skipping my own self-care to the point of burn-out. Gia, introduced me to ‘The Bowl’ and showed me a new way, a way that was nourishing, deeply relaxing and centering. My mind, body + spirit and everything I care about has benefited from this change. My energy levels are back up; I’m taking better care of myself than ever before. I love our sense of community. It’s marked a profound change in my life. You have to do this. There truly is nothing else like it.”

 -Heather Horikoshi, 2019 participant

“The Bowl of Well-Being has been and continues to be a balm and a touchstone. The material in the book (which I refer to constantly) has helped me immensely. The in-person meetings, the Sangha created from the Bowl, have been a place where I see myself in a more kindly light. Someone in our Bowl called me a "ray of sunshine" and I was floored that someone could see me that way--and I began to allow other parts of my being to exist and be seen without squashing them down. The Bowl has helped me befriend my body in a way I never thought possible. The practices and meditations we do in Sangha, have taken me to places inside myself I never knew existed. In short, the Bowl has changed my life and I couldn't imagine existing without it. My gratitude feels ineffable, as do the words that I try to arrange to convey just how much meaning and connection it has brought me.”

-Sandra, 2019 participant

The use of the word “Bowl” implies both an offering and a receiving, an openness to nourishment on multiple levels. The Bowl of Well Being is a yearlong program created by yoga teachers Mary Paffard and Cyd Bernstein.  Their overall intention in creating the program was to cultivate a lively discussion around self-care and women’s health on all levels.  Mary and Cyd have compiled all of the material of the Bowl into a manual to enable teachers around the world to lead Bowls in their community. The manual is the entry point into themes appropriate for all women, covering topics such as bone and hormone health, stress responses and heart empowerment, menarche thru menopause issues, and much more!

The chapters in the manual are divided by month, with corresponding material in accordance with the season. Each month consists of an article written by Mary that offers closer contemplation into the themes of that particular month including a specific yoga posture focus, a female inspiration (artists of all sorts), goddess, meditations, resource page, space to journal, and some delicious food for thought.   Participants are then invited into the Ayurvedic arena with an article by Cyd (a certified Ayurvedic practitioner), exploring a basic Ayurvedic principle. This core piece is complemented by a monthly self-care suggestion and a recipe. 

The Bowl group will be limited to no more than 15 committed women in order for the community to be allowed the space and time to discuss, share and be supported in the offerings. The group will gather together on the third Sunday of the month to practice yoga and meditation. A discussion will follow the practice, giving the women an opportunity to speak to each other about what is coming up around the monthly material, ask questions, share inspirations of their own, and offer support through listening. 

The monthly discussion will continue outside the studio space with an optional private Face Book group page where participants can stay in touch and connected. This forum will be used as a way for the women to offer supportive material they have discovered (books, podcasts, poetry, art, links, etc.) and ask questions to keep the lively dialog going. The page will also be where recordings of the sessions are posted in order for the participants that may miss a class, can access it. There is no requirement to participate in the FB discussion.

Two informal informational talks will be held on September 19th and December 19th at 7 pm where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the program as well as view the manual and the monthly topics covered.

Please email me directly if you are interested in participating in this truly transformational alchemy of the Bowl of Well Being.

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